ENCEE CHLOR ENCEE CHLOR is a unique onsite Sodium Hypo Chlorite Generator. Ití»s an ideal, convenient and economical solution to water disinfection system using chlorination. The generation of Chlorine is instantaneous and provides maximum safety to operating personnel as the Hypo chlorite generated is at 1 % concentration and at these concentrations it is absolutely safe for handling.


It is a simple and proven technology to convert ordinary salt (or sea water) by means of electrolysis into 1st grade Sodium Hypo Chlorite (ELECTRO HYPO). It is always applied onsite, at the point of application. No chemicals other than ordinary salt are used throughout the process. A dilute brine solution (or sea water) is fed to an electrolyser cell. When a low voltage DC current is applied, electrolysis occurs and Sodium Hypo Chlorite (NaOCI) is generated instantaneously.

CHEMISTRY The actual reactions are complex, but the key reaction can be represented by the following equation.


Electro Hypo thus generated contains 0.7% to 1% chlorine. Below 1% hypo is classified as a non hazardous chemical although still a very effective disinfectant. It is preferred water disinfection and antifouling option compared to Gaseous Chlorine, Commercial Hypo and Bleaching Powder considering Safety, Economy, Convenience and Environmental Protection. Most importantly Electro Hypo is generated in the pH range of 6-7.5 at which the hypo chlorite is highly stable and chlorination extremely effective.