How Do You Get Tonsil Stones?

While there are many speculations concerning the cause of tonsil stones, the exact medical or scientific explanation is still unknown and yet to be discovered. However, recent findings and studies show promising points regarding the exact cause of these stones. They result from continuous accumulation of sediments lodged inside the crypts of the tonsils. This accumulation grows along with bacteria and fungi. It is proven that a person who is experiencing chronic tonsillitis has a higher risk of having tonsil stones compared to a person who does not.

If you get tonsil stones, you’re not alone. These stones are common to people who have larger tonsil crypts or crevices. Sizes and shapes of tonsils vary from person to person. A bigger tonsil crypt or crevice can easily lodge a wide variety of small particles which can form tonsil stones in the long run. These small particles could include food remnants that were not perfectly digested or melted by your saliva. The sediments left within the pockets of the tonsils also usually  include bacterial accumulation which are generally enclosed by white blood cells. This is a preventive process your body uses to contain the spread of bacterial growth which could create other complications inside the mouth and body.  The yellowish white color of these tonsil stones are attributed to these white blood cells. Untreated tonsil stones can lead to some very uncomfortable conditions such as bad breath and difficulty swallowing.

The lack of proper oral hygiene is also associated to tonsil stone formations. While good oral hygiene does not guaranteed prevention, it plays a significant role in the entire prevention process.

Tonsil stone formation is more prominent in adults than in children. They can be also associated with chronic tonsillitis, or inflammation of the tonsils.

My very own loft space

Yesterday I put down the deposit for my new loft! I am in love with it and cannot wait to move in February. It is 513 SF with hard wood floors and wood rafters. There is a storage loft above the kitchen/bath/closet area. Beautiful windows and brick wall.

Now it’s time to come up with ideas for what to do with space! My cats are going to have a hayday with the upper loft area so definitely need to build something for them to be able to get up there. Going to design some sort of bed hideaway or possibly a murphy bed. Because the windows are too high for my dog too look out of, I am thinking of designing some sort of raised platform to stow away my bed under. This would allow me to continue to have the floor space but would also hide my bed and raise my floor for him! Wish I could do some permanent upgrades to the space but unfortunately I don’t believe I will be able to. So have to think in terms of being able to take everything down when I move out, which hopefully won’t be for a few years! I’ll have more pictures to come later, just wanted to share my apartment hunting update. Now all I have to do is get rid of my current apartment in 60 days or I’ll be in trouble paying two rents for a month or so, since I am shortening my current lease. Definitely looking forward to the $375 a month savings in rent compared to my current apartment. Should be an interesting two months! I’ll keep y’all updated on my design ideas!

Happy (Belated) Birthdays!

Hello Everyone!

Whew, this past week has been a bit crazy! Henry is absolutely into everything so typing up a post while he is awake is not even close to being an option. On top of that, he has recently decided that naps aren’t quite the necessity that I feel they are, which is leaving me with less “alone” time to actually get things accomplished. Because of that, this post is definitely a few days overdue…

This past weekend marked the birthday celebration of two very important men in my life: my dad and my husband!

Ironically, we realized that this year Ryan is exactly half as old as my dad… (Sorry to remind you again, Pops!)

In my family, we have a dinner tradition where everyone takes a turn to say what they love most about the birthday boy/girl. We would always grumble and groan when the time came; however, I think it’s a very small, yet very heartfelt way to express your love and gratitude to the people who mean the most to you.

So, to make up for my admission above, I’ll start with you:

My dad is an amazing man. He has always been the leader of our family in every way imaginable. He has provided more to my siblings and to me than I could ever match with gratitude. As I continue to grow and mature into adulthood, I realize that many of the qualities that define me (and those I take most pride in) come from him.

My dad is one of the smartest people I know and has always been one to rely on for advice and for guidance. My dad was always the “tough” parent, so to speak; but I realize, as difficult a role that must have been to play, he challenged me to be better than what I would have settled for, and for that I am eternally grateful. Growing up, I was always a Daddy’s Girl, but what I probably love most about my Dad is the friendship we’ve developed just over the last few years.

He is so supportive to me, to my husband, and he is a loving Papa to my son. I truly couldn’t ask for a better man to call my father.

I honestly find it slightly difficult to express what I love about Ryan because there are so many competing thoughts in my head. Simply put, he is just a special soul. He has the ability to light up a room with just a smile or a quirky, offhand comment that puts everyone at ease.

He always sees the best in people, something I find even more admirable given what he does for a living. He, without a doubt, makes me a better person and helps counterbalance my crazy. He constantly makes me laugh, makes me feel loved, and makes me thank God every day that I’m lucky enough to be his wife.

And as a father…I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this crazy ride of parenting.

The excitement on Henry’s face when he spots his daddy walking towards the house each evening is proof alone of how wonderful a dad he is.

I’m so sorry, men, that this post came so late! On top of these birthdays, Henry turned 10 months yesterday so I will be working on getting his 10-Month Update posted asap!

I’m Grateful!

In an intention not written here — I declared the perfect man for me was in my life. I also declared I wanted to do it the old fashioned way — where I would be introduced by a friend. A few days later, a friend who I hadn’t talked to in a while called … and asked if I was still single … she said she wanted to give my phone number to someone. I said “go ahead.”

I am now in a wonderful, soul-satisfying relationship!!

Thank You Spirit!

What you didn’t know about Avocados

Avocado is a very up and coming fruit throughout the world. Not only is it a fruit that is used in guacamole, it can also be used in salads or just eaten by itself. If you are looking for a creamy, hearty food that doesn’t contain much cholesterol, you should consider adding it to your diet. Avocado is often used by people who are trying to transition into a vegan diet. This is because the calories in the avocado takes the place of the fatty cooked animal and is just as satisfying but more nutritious. So, what makes this fruit so nutritious? Let’s take a minute and look at their health benefits.

The avocado is considered very nutritious because of its high content of protein and “good fat”.  These, however, are not the only nutritious things found in an avocado. Other nutrients include potassium, folic acid, vitamin B6, beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin PP, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, phosphor and pantothenic acid. Since they are rich in monounsaturated fats, they are healthy for your body in that they protect your blood vessels and help reduce your cholesterol. There have been studies which have shown individuals with a decrease in cholesterol and an 11% increase in overall health after eating avocados for only seven days.

Aside from promoting healthy cholesterol levels, another benefit of avocados is that they aid in regulating blood pressure. This is due to the potassium in the fruit. Potassium helps prevent circulatory disease, heart disease and strokes.

Avocados also contain 23% of the Daily Value for foliate. Foliate is a nutrient that is very important in maintaining a healthy heart. There was a study done on 80,000 women for 14 years by answering dietary questionnaires about what they were eating. What researchers found, was that women who took in more folate in their diet, had a 55% lower risk of having a heart attack or contracting a fatal heart disease. Another study also showed that people who ate foods high in foliate were at a less risk for cardiovascular disease or stroke.

Although these findings have only been fairly recent, a huge breakthrough in the benefits of an avocado is its ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. In a recent study, carotenoids and tocopherols were extracted from the avocado and stopped the growth of both androgen-dependent and androgen-independent prostate cancer cells. Researchers have also discovered that monounsaturated fats play a significant role in this as well. Carotenoids are lipid-soluble. This means that fat will be present to make sure the carotenoids are absorbed into the blood stream.

So, with all of the benefits of avocados, it does contain the highest fat content than any other fruit. An average avocado contains about 30 grams of fat. 20 grams of this fat, although, comes from the monounsaturated fats that promotes health. If you are weight conscious, you may wish to conserve how much of this nutritional fruit you consume. Although, sometimes the benefits outweigh the consequences.

What is the medical prognosis of a person with short stature?

First of all, we need to know what a midget is, a midget is the term used for a proportionate dwarf with/without in midget height classifications. We use other terms such as little person or dwarf.

Now coming to this question, due to the difference of health condition, it will vary accordingly for each peoson in the condition of different severity. However, the most of little people are still same as our “normal people”, they have good health with normal even better intelligence, and also good life spans same as the normal people. Since there are some complications in a few of them, some will be demanded for several medial interventions or surgeries to address. Among of these complications, orthopedic complications are common ones of them in those little people(dwaf) who have disproportionate dwarfism including diastrophic dysplasia and achondroplasia. In some cases, they will require surgeries. For these people,especially most adult people with dwarfism, spinal stenosis is the very common problem occurring in them. The spinal stenosis is a health condition that the spinal cord can not be placed since the space where is used to open in the spinal column is so small. In general, people who are experiencing the condition have some symptoms such as pain or numbness. There is a kind of surgery that can treat this condition, medically we named it as a laminectomy.

You can read more information about midget heights at Http:// and some official news on

From Frustration to Perspective

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like you are constantly getting frustrated by things that are happening?  Well today is that day for me.  I’m an optimistic, happy person so I usually don’t fall into the traps of being grouchy.  I rarely get upset because I try to see the good in life.
I get to stay home with my two beautiful sons who I waited for my whole life.  I struggled with infertility for five years before my first son was born three years ago so I try to appreciate the ups and downs of being a mom – a stay-at-home-mom at that.  I went back to work after the birth of my first son but when my one year old was born I was able to talk my husband into letting me stay home.  It didn’t take much to talk him into it because neither one of us liked having a stranger watch our baby.  Now I get to spend each day with my boys and experience all of the exciting milestones with them.  See here I go again, seeing the good in things.

Today has been a challenge though.  My three year old has been bullying my one year old all day long.  It is frustrating because I keep explaining to him to be nice and no matter how many trips to time out he will not stop.  The constant bullying and disobedience is really getting to me.  Sometimes you just don’t know what to do and it becomes overwhelming in a sense.

Then my three year old comes to me for a kiss and a hug, I look into those big innocent eyes and sincere smile with joy.
Awe, there is my perspective, my love, my happiness.

Just then I realize my three year old is bored and wants some attention.

Now it is time for me to enjoy this beautiful day with my amazing sons.  I hope you also take a little time – quality time – to spend it with the ones you love.   I can’t resist these cute faces.

Do you think time outs work?  How do you get your perspective back on days that can be frustrating?

Yoga Mats and the Other Basic Equipment for Your Yoga Practice

If you are just starting out in Yoga practice, you may want to know what is needed for a Yoga class.

First, mats are great whether you work out at home, in a gym or exercise class. It is normal to use a mat but if you are just starting, you may want to wait to buy your own. Most gyms have mats that are free to use or the gym at least will have mats that you can rent; the downside is they can get smelly between washing because many people use them. Mats can be bought for as little as $20 and if you are a regular at a studio, they may allow you to store it for your use when you are there.

If your budget doesn’t have room for the purchase of a mat try a folded blanket in place of a mat if you are practicing your routine at home.

You’ll want to wear comfortable clothes that will breathe. Your shirt should not be loose and flowing but formfitting because you will be doing poses with your head drops below your hips. If you are wearing a more formfitting top, you won’t have the problem of your top sliding down. A regular pair of exercise shorts or pants will do fine. It’s best not to wear anything slick because some poses you do could make you slip.

Now for the good news! Shoes are not needed for yoga. In most classes, the instructor will ask you to leave your shoes at the door. Yoga is practiced barefoot.
Optional Equipment

Blocks are like blankets and used as props to improve your alignment and make it more comfortable for your body. They are great for the standing practices when your fingers are supposed to touch the floor and they don’t quite make it.

Straps are also useful for poses when your hands need to meet, and for poses that you need to hold on to your feet.

These items are just props and you don’t have to buy them, however you find you need them for your at-home workouts. Most Yoga classes provide equipement.

Starting Yoga can be done on a small budget, whether you go to a studio or gym, or get a video to work with at home. Just remember, you need comfortable, breathable clothes, a top that is formfitting, regular exercise shorts, and no shoes!

Therefore, you have no more excuses! Get busy practicing your Yoga poses today.

Dental Insurance Quote – Helpful Tips

Dental insurance quote is an essential part of dental insurance. It’s undoubtedly reasonable to get dental insurance quote before buying a certain dental insurance plan and dental insurance itself. In case you aim at best dental insurance which will meet all your needs, you’ll have to compare not only dental insurance quotes but also dental insurance rates and policies (an agreement between insurer and consumer). This comparison will definitely help you to save money while purchasing insurance and avoid possible risks.

In order to choose an appropriate dental insurance quote, first of all you have to decide upon your needs. It’s obvious that every consumer wants to find affordable dental insurance but still you have to remember that low premiums should not be your primary intent, that’s we suggest that you consider properly your dental background and your present dental health. Think over dental care you can need immediately or regularly or after a certain period of time. Decide for yourself how often you can need dental care and how much money you can spend on various dental expenses.

It’s not easy task to find an appropriate dental insurance quote, that’s why we suggest that you use such option as online dental insurance. It’s much easier and quicker way to shop around for dental insurance quote and avoid paperwork and making numerous calls. Today almost all reputable dental insurance companies have their websites which provide all necessary information for their consumers. Online dental insurance is a perfect option for careful comparison of various quotes as far as it’s an inevitable part of the process of shopping around for dental insurance with reasonable premiums. Purchasing dental insurance online doesn’t mean that you’ll do everything on your own; you can require help at any moment, contact company’s representative and ask all questions you have.

In case you want to get an official dental insurance quote, you will have to turn to dental insurance company and fill in a certain application. You also will be asked to provide your health records, to pass medical check-up and to answer a considerable amount of various questions. Dental insurance companies need all this things to fix your dental health risks and provide you an appropriate quote.